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With a lot of excitment, we are pleased to say the construction work has begun!

After years of waiting, we are finally getting started on our project!

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At the Iron Age I, alongside with other types of houses, we see the appearance of a construction type in the hilly regions of Canaan and on both sides of the Jordan. The model got more or less standardized into a unique architectural type at the 11th century BCE. Called the Four-room house model, although findings showed many different types such as three or even two room-houses models, hundreds of them were found throughout the Land of Israel, from the Galilee to the Negev highlands, and from the Transjordanian plateau to western Samaria, including the coastal plain (Shiqmona, Tel Qasile). The phenomenon lasted for six centuries and disappeared in the late Iron Age at the 6th BCE with the destruction and the exile of Israel and Judah. 

This new kind of architecture expressed an ethos and a well planned unified pattern moved by a strong ideology. Ideology is a strong way to unify and gather people for a common cause. The ideology underlying the architecture of the four-room house was based on biblical values and manifested itself as an engraved seal in the mindset of a whole people. It set apart men, women, children from the rest of the local population with specific laws and behavior reflected in the center of the family life: the house.

It is our vision to build a compound  that will reproduce this Biblical life style for our visitors.

  • A Four-room house building on a 1150 square meters land

  • Two guest-houses Come and spend a night in our beautiful village.  An hour drive from Jerusalem, 35 minutes from Beer Sheva, 20 minutes from Arad, 45 minutes from the Dead Sea

  • Suitable for families or couples

  • One double bed, two single beds, a small kitchen and bathroom with jacuzzi

  • A visitor center :

  • Presentation on the geography, the history, the archeology and the biblical events of the area

  • Presentation on the ideology behind the Four-room house model: the influence of the Bible and cosmology

  • A 3D movie experience telling about the history of the Judean monarchy starting with the 7 years of rule of King David in Hebron

  • Pottery workshop

  • A Bible Training Program: Connect to your Hebraic Roots

  • We offer a training program starting from one week up to three weeks including daily tours of the country

  • The training program includes:

  • Weekly Torah portion study

  • Understanding the Hebraic mindset behind the New Testament

  • Connecting the history of Israel and the Bible

  • Walking on the  the traces of the Patriarchs

  • The biblical zionism and more teachings

  • Visits of related sites

  • Hands-on activities such as:

  • Dress up as our ancestors and be photographed as Avraham and Sarah, Joshua and Caleb, King David, Boaz and Ruth and more biblical characters

  • Make your own pita bread on a tabun (ancient Israelite baking oven)

  • Make your own pottery in our workshop

  • Make your own goat cheese

  • Prepare your own natural cosmetic

  • Prepare your personal emotional balance remedies (Bach Flowers therapy)

  • Hobby Farm:

  • Meet our goats- Feed the chickens- Hold the rabbits

  • Tasting and shopping:

  • Home-made beer : bring a taste of Israel back home, and meet our Canadian brew master for a nice cold beer .

  • Home-made natural cosmetics: the beauty secret of the herbs of Judea

  • Day-tour  of Israel: we offer tours all over Israel

  • Hiking and Jeep tours:

  • Take Hike on the Israeli National Trail to the Tel Arad Early Bronze city and the Iron Age Israelite fortress.

  • Jeep tour in the Yatir Forest- Masada- Ir Ovot

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Messianic Yeshiva, Menora
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